Bodes & Bode

Yellow gold diamond and enamel Ring

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18K yellow gold

"This talisman collection will help remind you that the universe is a mirror and you receive what you Believe. It represents the positivity, joy, and superstitioness that protects and creates emotion for the person who wears it."

DREAMS ring : two moons and a star with an evil eye in the centre
Width 1,675-0,25 cm
Weight 8 gr
The DREAMS amulet symbolize illumination, the ability to see through confusion to what is most true and real. it represents purity, youthfulness and enchantment. It will bring you intuition, psychic abilities, creativity, wisdom, optimism, faith and new beginnings.

LOVE ring : five diamond stars, a big star with a heart in the centre.
Width 1,675-0,25 cm
Weight 7,9 gr
The LOVE amulet symbolises faithfulness, love, purity, innocence and relationship filled with love. It represents the rulership of spirit over the physical elements and the union of opposites. It will bring protection, driving away unwanted energies in your relationship.